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Acne advice and treatment

Acne advice and treatment
Dr Paul Charlson :Acne advice and treatment Intoskin  Canary Wharf Chelsea Marylebone

Acne Advice and treatment

Acne advice and treatment is important. You do not need to suffer!  At Intoskin we see many acne sufferers who do not have an effective treatment plan and who benefit from a private consultation with Paul. He can discuss the various treatment options available which may be oral antibiotics, face washes, specialist face creams, hormone treatment and oral Isotretinoin .

A private consultation with Dr Paul Charlson for acne treatment is £150

Paul will discuss treatment options with you, the history of your acne story and contact your GP with recommended treatment. 

Tel:07545371100 for an appointment in Canary Wharf , Marylebone or Chelsea.

Acne Advice Treatment by Dr Paul Charlson

Acne is a common skin condition which typically begins in teenagers and causes significant embarrassment and distress. Although associated with teenagers, acne, is actually a condition of adults with many adults suffering into their thirties. in fact, it is not uncommon for sufferers to develop acne in their thirties for the first time. It is particularly common in women and called androgen sensitive acne.

Acne is often poorly treated but it is essential to maximise therapy to prevent long term scarring and to reduce psychological damage to the sufferer. Therapies include skin washes,  skin peels, specialist skin creams, antibiotics and isotreninoin. Usually these are used in combination as acne responds best when tackled from different points in the acne cascade.

Dr Charlson runs NHS dermatology clinics and he is able to advise on best treatment and also on any medications that may be exacerbating the condition.