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Botox problems

Botox problems

Botulinum toxin problems and side effects are usually transient and minor.  Problems can be either a known side effect (eg droopy eyelid) or simply a poor outcome due to bad technique. At Intoskin we include as adjustment appointment in the price to allow for unequal muscle effect to be adjusted if it occurs or to ensure optimum effects . We know that treatments do not always go to plan. At Intoskin we always try to correct any problems with our own treatments when they occur. If you have a problem with a treatment or the outcome is not what you expected please tell us. We may not be able to change it but we can usually explain why something has happened.

The key to a great Botox treatment is a natural refreshed look not a “startled rabbit” or Mr Spock eyebrows,. To achieve optimum results experience and a deep understanding of the facial musculature is required.

We also provide a bespoke service to try to correct issues caused by other practitioners. In the case of fillers this might be a case of dissolving the filler with hyaluronidase. We can also treat other  issues which might require a balancing of a result or simply providing an explanation of the issues. In the case of botulinum toxin we can usually provide a different outcome by adjusting the treatment.

This work can be difficult and requires expertise. Contact us on 07545371100 for an appointment at our London sites, Canary Wharf, Chelsea and Marylebone

We can make an initial assessment for £200.