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BBC 1 Inside Out – The Demand for Lip Fillers is Increasing But What Are the Risks?

Dermal filler complications

Dermal filler complications are becoming increasingly common and the popularity of the treatment continues to rise and as the number of unqualified inexperienced ‘practitioners continues to rise exponentially. Inside out has recently released a video of a piece they broadcast on the increasing number of complications associated with dermal filler injections administered by poorly trained under qualified practitioners. 

complications of dermal filler injections

botched lip filler
Jeremy Kyle: Investigates dermal filler treatments

Lip fillers seem to be a particular problem as younger and younger girls are seeking to have their lips plumped to dangerous and ridiculous proportions as they seek to imitate reality stars on Love Island and TOWIE.

Only this week I was contacted by a teenager claiming to be 17 years old but when I insisted that she attend with her mother had to admit that her actual age is 15 years old. The girl had very nice, full shapely lips but wanted enhancement to be ‘part of the crowd’ I refused to treat her, but as I said to them, there will be plenty of practitioners ready and will to do so. Increasing complications of unsafe fillers

Administering dermal fillers is NOT easy and is safe only in practised hands. There is a possibility of cross-contamination, infection, occlusion of blood vessels leading to tissue death, allergies, cysts and lumpy uneven lips.

You wouldn’t know it from many celebrities’ selfies, but duck lips are actually an accident. No lip injection is meant to create that shape. Duck lips are the result of an incorrect placement of the filler.

“Risks include over-injection, bruising, uneven injection, and palpable filler/clumping of filler. Also injection in the wrong area for the desired purpose can create ‘duck lip’ instead of nice fullness,”  “Intravascular injection can cause problems with blood flow to a certain area of lip, leading to necrosis of the tissue, the filler needs to be dissolved as quickly as possible.”