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Filler Dissolve Clinic

botched lip filler
Botched dermal filler which requires filler dissolving 



Sadly not all procedures go as planned. Every practitioner has to dissolve Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers at some point using the enzyme Hyaluronidase. However we are seeing lots of botched results from less skilled practitioners on a weekly basis. Tear trough and lip fillers appear to be the common issues but cheeks and jaw lines are becoming commoner too. Some results are lumpy or have been placed in the wrong tissue plan making them show or cause swelling and some just look wrong.

We are also suspicious that patients are being told they are getting a premium brand filler at a price which is so low it is simply not possible. Sometimes this premium filler is not easy to dissolve suggesting the it was not the stated filler. 

Dr Charlson has become expert at removing dermal filler. This may take one or more treatments and is painless to perform with minimal downtime. We perform a test patch prior to treatment. We can use steriods and surgical removal if required

If you have problem contact us – Consultation is £100 and treatment starts at £250.

This treatment can be performed in Harley Street or Canary Wharf and Dr Charlson would be happy to review photographs prior to treatment.

Clinics are usually on Wednesdays and sometimes Tuesday evenings or weekends are available