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Pigmentation and melasma

Pigmentation and melasma are both very common and difficult to treat, especially in those with darker skin types.

The exact cause is not known, but several factors contribute. These include pregnancy, hormonal drugs such as the contraceptive pill, and very occasionally medical conditions affecting hormone levels. Some cosmetics, especially those containing perfume, can bring on melasma. There is research to suggest that it can be triggered by stress. Sunshine and the use of sun-beds usually worsen any tendency to melasma.

Unwanted facial pigmentation may be caused by hormones, sun damage or post agressive cosmetic treatments, and can be very challenging to remove. You can spend a fortune on creams and peel treatment that get you nowhere or even make the situation worse. This treatment is suitable for any skin type.

So what to do? We have found that a depigmentation mask is a safe , effective means of remove superficial pigment for the face AND to rejuvenate your skin at the same time. This treatment has a very high client satisfaction rate. 

Price for this full package of treatment  £795 to include mask +maintenance cream + moisturizer + SPF50 sunblock and skin care  as recommended by the manufacturer. 

Removal of melasma
melasma treatment