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Safe Botox

Safe Botox

Safe Botox, dermal filler and Sculptra injections require experience, training and technique. It is not possible to administer product safely after scant training and even more so if your practitioner does not have detailed knowledge of facial anatomy, infection control and offers a clinical clean injecting environment.

Safe Botox: At intoskin clinic your safety is our number one priority.

Safe Botox, dermal filler treatments and other anti aging injections administered by an experienced professional in clinical surroundings and by a practitioner trained in sterile injection techniques.

We minimize any risks associated with treatments by:

  • Dr Charlson is one of the UKs most experienced cosmetic injectors
  • Dr Charlson is President of the British College Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM)
  • Dr Charlson attends EXCLUSIVE training events with the world’s  most admired & experienced cosmetic injectors
  • Dr Charlson holds DPD qualification (Diploma in Dermatology) and runs NHS dermatology clinics

Dr Charlson:

  • keeps up to date with the latest research
  • attends training events with industry innovators
  • ensures you are informed and consented for all treatments
  •  has clinical treatment facilities
  • offers full aftercare
  • private consultations in discreet clinical environment
  • uses of licensed product from trusted companies located in Europe and USA
  • has infection control procedures in place
  • is fully insured
  • responsibly destroys used needles and sharps and discarded product.