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subcision of acne scars

Subcision of acne scars is an effective method softening scars left by acne. Acne scarring is a common consequence of acne leaving many sufferers with life long scars. The scars may be improved with a variety of treatments. Acne scars are defines as rolling, box or icepick. Usually there is a combination of scarring which needs to be addressed by a variety of treatment options. If scars are TETHERED, ie held down into the skin by FIBROUS tissue the tethering needs to be released before collagenesis takes place. Subcision not only releases the scar it also promotes new collagen formation, once the tether is broken scars ”bounce” up and further collagen production is stimulated at the treatment site.

Price for subcision is from £350  T: 07545371100 for appointment

Acne scars before subcision
Acne scars after subcision