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Weak Chin Augmentation

Weak Chin Augmentation

Men look more masculine with a square jaw and strong chin. Paul says “We are able to use dermal filler to augment a weak or receding chin. A more clearly defined chin adds symmetry to your face and effectively created a border between the face and the neck improving attractiveness. Similarly a female chin needs a point to accentuate the heart shaped face and the right proportions to the face. Many selfies are frontal view but side profile is vital so when treating chins and jaw lines it is essential to regard all proportions and eliminate unwanted characteristics such as a witches chin. This can be achieved with skilled use of dermal filler”

We use  dermal fillers such as Radiesse an FDA approved filler used by a many male actors to shape the jaw line increasing the width of the angle of the jaw, making the jaw line sharper and more pronounced and strengthening the chin . This provides satisfying results in most men It is a 30 minute procedure using cannulae rather than needles for less pain, bruising and better safety.

If your wavy jawline is due to localised collagen loss, a dermal filler such as Radiesse offered by Dr Paul Charlson at Intoskin, Canary Wharf can be injected into the dent just in front of the jowl, creating a smooth line for about a year. Sometimes this is part of a liquid facelift, also enhancing the chin and entire jawline, while replumping the cheeks to recreate youthful proportions

The effects of using dermal filler to strengthen the jaw line and improve a weak chin lasts around 6 to 9 months.

Prices are from £300 

Sometimes he adds in some botulinum toxin to weaken the muscle that creates popply chin which some people develop with age.. A nefertiti neck  lift with botox or masseter (cheek muscle) reduction can also be added.


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