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ZO Skin Health Advanced Scientific Skin Care

ZO skin health
ZO skin health products scientifically formulated to heal and protect skin

ZO Skin Health Advanced Scientific Skin Care is a range of clinic only skin care developed by ZO Skin  health founder DR Zein Obagi. These products are available through premier skin clinic only and have been developed scientifically to work at the cellular level to repair skin cells, restore skin function and maintain healthy skin. If you use ZO skin Health products you will transform your skin, maintain its function and develop long term protection. Skin care does not get any better.

Consultation: T: 07545371100 with Dr Paul CHarlson or E: , ZO skin health products may be purchased and mailed

Dr Zein Obagi has developed his own classification of skin health and skin type which enables trained practitioners to assess your skin type is detail and recommend the appropriate treatment for your skin concerns and desired outcomes.

Traditionally, skin has been assessed merely on the Fitzpatrick scale which determines your skin type depending on melanin concentration 1 to 6. Dr Zein Obagi’s philosophy is to look not only at colour but also condition , health, laxity and strength.

ZO provides a comprehensive approach to creating and maintaining healthy skin for anyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin condition or skin type. From correcting sun damage + pigmentation to preventing new damage + protecting against future damage, ZO has your skin health covered.

Dr Zein Obagi has developed a full range of skincare to treat acne, roscacea, pigmentation, aging, inflammation and sundamage. His unique formulations combine retinol in advanced formulations and antioxidants to restore skin health and ‘reset’ cellular activity. This skincare may be used alone or in combination with in clinic treatments such as Tixel, skin peels, Skinpen etc.


If you have skin concerns of any kind, whether they are caused by environmental issues, lifestyle, hormones, irritants , pollutants etc please book a consultation with DR Charlson, he can conduct these via video link and products are available to post if needed. Dr CHarlson is a GPSI in dermatology and has run NHS dermatology clinics for 20 years.

ZO skincare

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